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PHP Day Treatment Program

About Day Treatment Program

Partial Hospitalization Program For Teens & Young Adults

The Potomac Day Treatment Program (also known as PHP, or Partial Hospitalization Program) is for adolescents and young adults (ages 14-24) of all genders requiring stabilization and treatment of acute symptoms and mental health concerns such as severe depression, suicidal ideation, history of self-harming behaviors, severe anxiety emotional dysregulation, eating disorder, and other forms of serious emotional and behavioral health difficulties.

Day Treatment at Potomac is an intensive, five-day-a-week level of mental health treatment for young people in crisis due to severe and acute psychiatric symptoms. This level of care can be an alternative to inpatient hospitalization or an appropriate place to land after a brief crisis-stabilization inpatient stay. Averaging between four and six weeks in length, the main objective of day treatment is to stabilize the client so they can pursue treatment while maintaining outside commitments and working towards the DBT ultimate goal of a life worth living. Day Treatment consists of initial assessment and individualized treatment planning, DBT skills training groups, experiential groups (e.g. yoga and mindfulness), weekly individual counseling, psychiatric assessment, weekly family counseling, and education support.

Our PHP is provided during school-day hours (9am-2pm) with a focus on mental health treatment including individual therapy, family therapy, medication management, and skills groups. Time is provided during the day, with clinical support, for young people in the program to focus on their school work without falling behind. Highly trained clinical staff support the teens and young adults throughout the day in a therapeutic milieu.


  • Washington D.C. Area